Workers Compensation Program Goals

Implementing a comprehensive plan to drive down your Workers Compensation Experience Modification can be daunting task.   Where do you begin?  

Here is a "To Do List" that will get you started down the road to effectively managing your Experience Modification.  

#1 – Have robust hiring practices that include the use of a conditional offer of employment and a robust medical screening that does not let 100% of the people through.

#2 – Actively measure and intentionally improve the safety culture of the workplace.

#3 – Have a well-trained injury management coordinator with clear authority and responsibility to oversee the rapid recovery and return-to-work of any injured employees.

#4 – Train supervisors to understand the importance of their relationships with employees and to optimally manage the post-injury supervisor / employee relationship.

#5 – Have a robust return-to-work program that ALL employees are aware of (there is some hidden psychology here) that gets employees back to work before indemnity payments start  - a big benefit in ERA states!

#6 – Establish and nurture a working partnership with a medical clinic that will ensure effective medical screenings and, in the case of an injury, the right treatment plan that will lead to the most rapid return to work possible.

These are just a few of the steps we recommend you implement to effectively manage your Illinois Workers Comp program and reduce your work comp rates. 

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