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All claims paid by the insurance company will affect your Workers Compensation Premium. 


Just received a call from an Illinois workers comp client who had an employee smash his finger and loose his finger nail. He was back to work the next day on normal duty with little ramifications from the injury. The following day the doctor’s office called to schedule therapy. Yep…   therapy!


My first reactions was – FRAUD, SCAM, WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!   Then I settled down to realize that our injured employee was probably just plugged into the standard care processes of the occupation clinic. Probably no intend to abuse the system but it’s still our job as employers and agents to monitor  the  workers compensation program which includes secondary injury management. These expenses will affect your workers compensation experience modification and the work comp premium.


In this case we asked the nurse how the treatments would help and if the employee can do the therapy exercises at home.  She was going to check with the doctor and get back to us. That was last week and we haven't’ received the return call yet.  Employee is still fine.


Secondary Injury Management is just one key area affecting your workers compensation premiums. We can help you manage them all.

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