Illinois Workers Compensation Open House

On Wednesday 1/14, I attended the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission open house. It was the first open house that was held in many years.   After a brief explanation of their court process, we were able to observe arbitration hearings and review-level oral arguments. I also sat in a hearing in front of the three panel Illinois Workers Compensation commissioners.

In the past I have often criticized the system where benefits awarded to injured employees seem to be excessive. I felt that the system was employee friendly with minimal consideration for the employer  and how excessive claim payments affected their employers workers compensation rates and workers compensation insurance premiums.  After attending these arbitration hearings… I’ll be more cautious with my criticism.  

I was very impressed with the judges I observed. Especilay with their medical knowledge. One hearing I attended could have been a medical review rather than a couple attorneys and a judge discussing the detail of a knee injury.

If you have time – I highly recommend a visit.   More open house dates were recently announced:

  • February 11th
  • April 6th   

For more information you can visit:

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