Illinois Workers Compensation Modification Factor - Is it correct?

Having a handle on the method of computing your experience modification factor for your workers compensation is a must. Because of the many factors and hands involved in the process the potential of error  is very high.


  • As you know, your work comp premium is based on your payroll and the payroll used to compute your mod is derived from your payroll audits. Have you checked that the correct payroll is being used on the workers compensation mod worksheet? Are you confident that the payroll audit was correct? 
  • Experience mods are also developed from your loss history. Do you know when and where the claim data is pulled in order to compute your mod? 
  • When claim data is provided for the computation, any open reserves are used for the claim totals. Do you know that a claim adjuster can handle hundreds of workers comp cases? Have your open reserves been reviewed prior to claim data being sent to formulate your mod?


Mod Errors


We work with many businesses in the Chicago Illinois market. Our  processes ensure that your insurance premiums are at the minimum. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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