Illinois Workers Compensation Insurance: Post Offer Medical Exams

We all get busy and side step important work processes. Problem is that... it will eventually catch up to us. 


Post Offer Medical Exams:  after you have completed your interviews and have selected a new job candidate, a conditional offer of employment must be part of your hiring processes.   The Americans with  Disabilities Act  (ADA) allows for Post Offer Medical Exams and it is important that you seek advice prior to implementation. There are many do’s and don’ts in order to avoid discrimination issues.


One of my Illinois Employers hired a new employee.  The third day on the job this employee slipped and fell from the second step of a ladder.  Fractured vertebrae in his back!   But the plot thickens… allegedly - word is that this employee had a preexisting vertebrae issue. 


There are many many unanswered questions right now but the fact remains that a Post Offer Medical Exam was NOT performed.  We don’t even know if an exam would have disclosed this potential preexisting condition or if it would have impaired the ability of this employee from doing this job.  What we do know is that this incident will cost this employer tens of thousands of dollars with the affect this claim will have on his workers compensation experience modification factor over the three years this claim will appear on his mod.


We are just getting our feet wet on this one and we are sitting on a $40,000 hospital bill form the initial visit.

Medical Bill

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