Illinois Workers Compensation Experience Modification

Have a contractor client who had an employee with a bad back.  He was under medication and having regular treatments right up to the validation date.  Talking with the claims adjuster shortly before the validation date, we still weren’t sure if surgery was going to be needed.   Validation date hit and a $69,000 claim was added to the mod.   A month or so later there was no medical activity with the employee and he was on the job – actually he never took any time off.  Adjuster agreed to close the claim which went from $69,000 Med + Indemnity to $9,000 Med only.

I braced the employer as to the consequences of this claim and the effect on the mod.  Mod jumped 10 points to 1.05 and for the first time this employer did not qualify for the IL Contractor Credit…  another 40 points.   My plan was to work with the underwriter on additional scheduled credits to take the bite out of the additional premium for this one policy year.

A few weeks ago I received a call from the underwriter who was already working on this October renewal…  he noticed the huge premium increase.  I actually had to do a little explaining on the claim situation but he agreed to contact his NCCI unit at Hartford and see what he could do to refile the unit stat detail - which was done.  I just received the notification of the mod adjustment and we’re back under 1.00.  Employer is thrilled.

Thanks Hartford!

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