April is Safe Digging Month

April is Safe Digging Month 

An underground utility line is damaged every six minutes because someone decided to dig before calling 811.

The following steps provided by Travelers can help contractors in Illinois control exposures, avoid losses, or contain losses that do occur:

  • Take daily photos of the work site
  • Check utility marks to help ensure all known utilities have been located
  • In the event a strike does occur, once site safety is established, gather detailed documentation of where the marks were in relation to the excavation; documentation can include photos, diagrams and witness statements

Not collecting these facts immediately could seriously damage any contractor's defense. The average utility damage claim is approximately $25,000, and, as such, implementing an effective incident investigation plan containing the elements above can help you defend yourself as a contractor.


All states have laws that require utilities be pre-located by an appropriate locator service, which can be reached by calling 811 -  the national "Call Before You Dig" phone number.


Please call with questions.

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