Lowering Your Workers Compensation Costs - Post Injury Process

Knowing what to do when you have an injured employee is the key first step to managing your workers compensation costs and returning that employee to work.  Employers must have a clearly defined process in place and all employees, not just supervisors and managers, should be trained on proper post-injury management. 

It seems quite simple but the failure to have a post-injury process in place or employees who don't know what to do, can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of that workers comp claim. 

An effective process will start with an emphasis on reporting the claim immediately to the workers compensation insurer.  This is key because the experienced claims handler can immediately acclimate the injured employee with the claim process. They can explain the work comp laws, how bills for services will be handled and if lost income is an issue, when payments will be made.  This will usually put the employee at ease and reassure them that they are being treated fairly.  Putting them at ease can also help reduce the likelihood of an attorney's involvement in the claim.  This can significantly help in reducing the overall claim cost.

Having a process in place will also help to reduce the anxiety co-workers might feel when there is an injury. Knowing what to do to aid an employee will allow co-workers to respond immediately and contribute to the care of the injured employee.

The goal of this process is to allow the injured employee to return to work as quickly as possible, reduce the impact of that claim on your workers compensation experience mod and overall work comp rates.  Have you checked you post-injury process yet? 

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