Control Work Comp Premiums Through Quality Hires

Employers who are concerned with controlling their work comp premiums sometimes will focus on them at renewal time or when they have received their insurance premium audit.  The reality is that the management of your premium begins when you hire someone. 

The key is to know what skills are needed for the job and to have a process in place to make the right hire.  Employers in the Chicago area are fortunate to have a large pool of potential employees to choose from but many times when discussing their hiring process, employers express frustration with locating the right person.  

Today, most position are filled by using online career sites., and in the Chicago area are all excellent resources for employers to use to find the right person.  These sites are no longer just for the large employer. 

We also encourage employers to look within their companies for the right hire.  If you do not have a process in place for posting jobs both internally and externally, it is time to put one together.  There are advantages to hiring from within which include keeping quality employees from looking elsewhere for greater challenges as well as increasing productivity and commitment.

Finally, an effective, well thought-out, employee referral program can be a gold mine for employers.  Employees will "prescreen" their referrals as most will see their referral as a reflection of themselves, providing a higher quality candidate pool for consideration. (For great referral program suggestions see:

Your work comp insurance premiums can be managed and that process starts with hiring the right person!

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